• Combating Dry Winter Skin!

    Dry winter skin can be problematic for most everyone! Here are some quick, easy steps to help you combat that typical dry winter itch! Use non-soap cleansers.  Stay away from fragrance and antibacterial cleansers.  They all strip the skin of much needed  moisture.  Choose instead cleansers with aloe, green tea and ceramides.  Ceramides naturally occur in… [Continue Reading]

    Combating Dry Winter Skin!
  • The Finishing Touches

    While skin is the foundation of a beautiful face, high cheeks, full lips, and beautiful eyes are the focal points set within that canvas. So the second part of our 2014 Holiday Specials centers on the creation of these lovely features.  From now through the end of December, we will be offering $100 off Voluma, an incredible… [Continue Reading]

    The Finishing Touches
  • Bright, Smooth Skin that Sparkles for the Holidays

    Skin is the foundation that beauty is built upon. There are many aspects that create beautiful skin:  how light reflects off the skin, the evenness of color, the moisture and plumpness of skin. Beautiful skin signifies health and happiness. So the first step of our 2014 Holiday Special is the creation or renewal of luminious… [Continue Reading]

    Bright, Smooth Skin that Sparkles for the Holidays
  • science + art

    We at Forever Young Laser and Skin Center believe that we’re all at our best when we enjoy the reflection that we see in the mirror each day. We know that when we feel good about ourselves, we find it easier to be gracious, compassionate, and kind to those around us.  Our hope is that… [Continue Reading]

    science + art