Meet Us

Forever Young Laser & Skin Center was founded by Tracy Korby in 2005. Tracy wanted to take the nursing process, which centers on education and care planning, to the new field of aesthetic medicine. She understands the relationship between looking great and feeling good and wants to teach patients techniques to repair and care for their skin.

Since Forever Young Laser’s creation, it has grown while being graced with amazing nurses, a pragmatic and involved medical director, and some very dedicated office staff. This partnership has allowed us to continue building a practice that respects each individual’s lifestyle. We strive to deliver value to our clients by providing high quality and amply timed appointments that are customized for every patient.

The future of medical aesthetics and Forever Young Laser is bright. We will continue to introduce new and evolving treatments such as Platelet Rich Protein and vampire lifts.  We will also be further expanding into the huge area of body sculpting by adding a nutritional component, Forever Well, to our list of services. Our goal is provide clients with the science of looking good and the art of feeling well.

Our Philosophy

We at Forever Young Laser & Skin Center believe that we’re all at our best when we enjoy the reflection that we see in the mirror each day. We know that when we feel good about ourselves, we find it easier to be gracious, compassionate, and kind to those around us.  Our hope is that our efforts to help you find inner beauty will help to create a better kinder world.

The Forever Young Laser staff members are dedicated to the entire patient experience. As nurses, we believe that all patients deserve a comprehensive care plan that works for their lifestyles. We spend quality time listening to our patients to fully understand their needs, thus making sure we deliver exceptional treatments to fit their lifestyle.