The Exilis is one of our most popular treatments. The Exilis uses radio-frequency (RF) to tighten skin, reduce fat, and contour the body.  BTL’s Exilis offers a revolutionary non-invasive form of treatment that can either heat the dermis to tighten the skin of the face/body or heat the subcutaneous fat to reduce localized fat deposits. In fact, we often use both functions in the same treatment. First, we will treat fat in an area (the knee for example), then we will tighten the overlying skin to achieve effective body sculpting.

Skin Tightening-The Exilis is generally done as series of 4 treatments to achieve skin tightening although body results can sometimes be enhanced with 1-2 additional treatments.  The treatments take about an hour and your skin will feel warm during, and even for a short time after, the treatment. The skin will also be slightly pink for 30-60 minutes post treatment.

Skin tightening results take a full 3-6 months to fully evolve-so you must be patient with this treatment. We use numerous photos with this treatment in order to follow your progress through the entire process.  Results are often seen after the very first treatment but will ebb and flow until the collagen remodeling is fully underway-but worth the wait.





Body Fat-The Exilis series generally consists of 4 treatments spaced 1-2 weeks apart to treat body fat. These treatments generally take about an hour but time can vary by size of treated area. Your skin will feel very warm during and after the treatment and will remain moderately pink for about an hour post treatment.

There are a few “musts” with this treatment which we will discuss at length at your consult. The biggest two are listed below. You will need to be extremely well hydrated throughout the treatment series as water is needed by the body to melt and mobilize fat. You will also need to do regular exercise throughout your series in order to achieve best results. In fact we will instruct you to do ½ hour of active exercise within 12 hours of your treatment and preferably within the first 4 hours post. This assists to mobilize the fat into general circulation where it can be excreted by the body.

We also offer dietary counseling for patients who are seeking to lose weight or who have struggled with maintaining weight loss in the past. Results for these treatments are generally seen from the first treatment and continue with each subsequent treatment and can continue for a few weeks after your last treatment.