Fabulous Treatments for the Holidays

No one ever has a lot of patience for treatment downtime, but we positively can’t tolerate anything that takes us out of circulation or raises eyebrows at the holidays. So what’s a girl to do? We want to look great for a few parties and family affairs, but don’t want questions or looks from a co-worker, neighbor, or a younger sister. So really, what is a girl to Do?

Well, there are options, and some really good ones these days. Microderm, peels, dermaplaning, and O2 facials, alone or together, remain safe options for smooth glowing skin in an hour. These are low risk treatments with results that can last for several weeks, longer if combined with a few key products. However, as always, I stand by my conviction that you should be seen by an experienced provider, ideally one who knows your skin, when you don’t have time to waste.

My favorite treatment of all time is also one that is safe, low risk, high yield, and has just made it onto our menu (although we’ve been using it on each other for the last year).

This FY Laser Facial:

  • begins with a thorough Dermaplaning, 
  • followed by a holiday pumpkin peel, and 
  • topped off with a generous dose of Laser Genesis.

This is the treatment that keeps on giving; the results just get better as the weeks fly by. The laser gives the treatment longevity but the layering technique gives the treatment a built-in safety valve. Truly a Forever Young creation, this is a treatment worth giving yourself or someone you love this holiday season. Enjoy!


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