Vein Therapies & Rosacea

Over time, some vessels on the face become enlarged and visible to the eye. The causes are many: age, sun-exposure, pregnancy, trauma, and rosacea. Generally these unsightly veins are not dangerous, unless they are varicosities that protrude or are accompanied by swelling or pain.


Laser treatments are used to treat smaller spider veins, especially on your face and the upper body. Red spider veins, also called telangiectasias, respond extremely well to laser treatments like Cutera’s Nd:YAG.  This treatment can be done alone or often is used in conjunction with sclerotherapy to treat vessels of different sizes.

Rosacea/Diffuse Redness/Facial Veins – The rosy cheeks which grace many of us New Englanders are often the first sign of a chronic skin condition known as rosacea which can expand to include acne, broken capillaries,  and even tissue swelling. Lasers have been used on this diffuse redness or rosacea successfully for several years. Typically 4-6 treatments greatly reduce the appearance of this red flushing over the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead. Treated early, this flushing can be minimized and maintained and can prevent much of the small capillaries breakage seen later. Laser treatments can also treat the acne that may accompany your rosacea.  We use several different lasers (Laser Genesis, IPL, and Nd:YAG), as well as, aminolevulinic acid (Levulan ) to customize treatments. Symptoms vary greatly with rosacea, so care plans need to be tailored to fit your skin too.