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Acne is a persistent series of bacterial breakouts caused by hormones, stress, genetics, and lifestyle. Acne has varied forms and responds differently by skin type. Some forms can be more difficult to treat than others.

There is no one-treatment-for-all solution. Rather, it is important to have an experienced skin care professional create a treatment plan that will work for you.

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I met Jen about 3 years ago when my skin was OUT OF CONTROL!! Terrible, cystic acne that scars easily and is super red and oily. I’ve been to aestheticians and derms before but I hadn’t met anyone who has such a clear and pointed understanding of how skin works. Jen is so smart and talented! I stuck consistently with my treatments on a bi-weekly basis for the first 5 months, switched to monthly once my acne scars cleared, and now my treatments are focused on the little things like texture and redness because my acne is under control. I always look forward to seeing Jen for my treatments and seeing Jazmin at the front desk! This office has a great team–warm, welcoming, and professional! Also, my before and after pics are used on this site. They’re the pictures that focus on acne/scarring on the chin. Tackling this skin issue has made such an overwhelmingly positive impact on my day to day–I’m so glad I found Jen and Forever Young!!!!

Christine L.