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Botox® is the leading medical cosmetic procedure in the world and has the highest patient satisfaction rating of any med-aesthetic procedure. Botox® smooths and tightens areas on the forehead, the space between the eyes, and crow’s feet. It lends a youthful appearance to the face without changing the face’s basic features. The product breaks down slowly (approximately 3-6 months) in the body, and the area gradually regains mobility and function.

Botox® is quite safe. It has been used to treat moderate to serious frown lines since 2002 and has very few side-effects. Its safety profile combined with predictable and effective results makes Botox popular with women and men of all ages.

Botox® is a drug and it must be administered by special trained doctors and nurses. At Forever Young Laser & Skin Care this is done by our professional staff. However, just as important, the administration of Botox is an art form. Your practitioner should have an aesthetic eye and take time to get to know you so that your results suit your personal style.


Before & After (FYLSC Unretouched Photos)


Before & After (FYLSC Unretouched Photos)

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“My experience with forever young has been amazing. Walking in the facility it is extremely clean and I was immediately greeted by staff with a smile. Nurse injector Adrianna made sure to do a full consult for me and asked what my concerns were. We made a plan for that day and for future treatments. Through the process she made sure I was comfortable and she made me feel like I came to the right place. My results were exactly what I was looking for — natural but beautiful. The enhancements to my face have increased my confidence and I look forward to future work with Adrianna at Forever Young.”

~ MS

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