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DERMASOUND PLUS™ (Ultrasonic) Facial

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Dermasound Plus is a technology derived from ultrasonic science The Dermasound Plus device uses low frequency ultrasonic (sound) waves to gently clean, exfoliate, and enhance the penetration of applied products. In addition, this device incorporates a second technology known as microcurrent that aids in the healing and calming of the skin. We use the Dermasound Plus in combination with enzymes, antioxidants, and growth factors to create a gentle, relaxing facial treatment which is perfect for Rosacea, pregnancy*, sensitive or extremely dehydrated skin. We employ a step-by-step process and the products we recommend in your customized skin care plan.

*Some of the steps we employ may be modified for pregnant patients, but the treatment changes will not alter effectiveness.

Step #1
Cleansing/Peeling-Purified H2O is used to gently deep-clean the skin. The cleansing or peeling phase works by cavitation (the sound waves spin the water very quickly, and the water loosens and removes dead cells, dirt, and oils as it hits the skin’s surface). The process is very effective on blackheads, acne, Rosacea, and enlarged pores. This cleansing also delivers a gentle but effective exfoliation without any irritation or inflammation.

Step #2
Infusion/Sonophoresis -This second step is used to “push” nourishing products into the skin. Effective penetration of the epidermis is extremely difficult for skin care products especially if they contain large molecules like amino acids, peptides, and certain vitamins. Here the ultrasonic waves are applied to create small temporary openings in the skin that allow treatment serums to cross over into the skin. This process is called sonophoresis. We use this step to infuse high concentrations of hydrators, antioxidants, brighteners, and growth factors into the skin.

Step #3
Microcurrent – A pain-free process of administering low levels of electrical current to the skin. Microcurrent normalizes the electrical current within a skin’s cell that is disrupted as a cell ages or is injured by environmental stressors like the sun. The cell’s electrical charge is responsible for regulating the flow of nutrients and waste in and out of itself. The application of microcurrent assists the cell to function better (growing, reproducing, and protecting you from oxidants that cause us to age).

This is the ultimate no downtime, perfect treatment when you have a special event coming up. Your skin will look fabulous immediately. The most sensitive skin types may have a slight bit of pinkness that should subside within 30 minutes. Everyone else will leave us with clear, bright, glowing, hydrated, and plumped-up skin.

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