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WiQo® Biorevitalization System

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WiQo is a biorevitalization system that uses a unique peeling agent known as PRX-T33 which contains 33% TCA and 67% H2O2. TCA is a very powerful peeling agent and typically associated with a lot of redness and peeling (think Samantha from “Sex and The City”). However, this novel system out of Italy, combines the TCA with hydrogen peroxide to buffer the peeling agent and skip the epidermis where the red peeling skin happens. The TCA in PRX-T33 targets the dermis to stimulate fibroblasts and release growth factors to rejuvenate your skin.

The benefits of a system like WiQo and the PRX-T33 peel are numerous (hence our excitement). Results include skin brightening, firming, smoothing, and a reduction in pore size. There is no pain nor is there any downtime. The system is very affordable and can be used on all skin types and melasma. WiQo can even be used in the summer if you adhere to SPF and hat recommendations. This system is gradual and a course of treatments are done weekly over 4 weeks to start.

WiQo Med
WiQo Peel

WiQo Peel Before & After 4/10/20-5/13 (FYLSC Unretouched Photos)

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